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Gaston, Gaston, OR, US


This is a hand on introduction to land navigation course for people new to orienteering or looking to develop strong skills for backcountry hiking and wilderness exploration. This class will start with a two hour class room introduction followed by a three hour field exercise. The class room will provide the initial introduction to all skills required for basic land navigation including vocabulary, map skills, compass skills, and coordinate systems. The field exercise will provide hands on experience with all classroom material and introduce additional skills required for dead reckoning. By the end of the course a student will be able to perform the following: - Find their location on a map. - Plot a coordinate on the map. - Triangulate their position with local terrain features. - Approximate their location on a map with dead reckoning. - Use a map in conjunction with compass to plan routes. - Use the UTM coordinate system for land navigation. - Shoot lines of sight to determine a bearing. - Use a bearing to plot and follow a course. - Basic Orienteering skills. Classes can be taught on the Saturday or Sunday of your choosing. If there is a class already scheduled for that weekend you may be asked to join the other group space permitting. Depending on weather, classroom section may be taught on-site before field exercise or at symposium coffee in Tigard, OR 7pm the night before.

Required supplies

- Compass with sighting mirror, declination adjustment, baseplate (you can buy one from us at cost for $32.00).
- Map scale tool with ruler (one is provided for class, but you will want one for personal use).
- Weather appropriate clothing.
- GPS device (optional).

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