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Dimitrios Petrakis

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Open ScheduleLasts 5 hours, 30 minutes

Stalida, Stalida, GR


An adventure you won’t want to miss. The owner / tour leader is a true professional - he knows the area like the back of his hand, and with a quiet mature confidence guided 11 of us on 7 quads through the olive groves and tiny hillside villages that make up the real Crete behind Hersonnisos. Having been allocated a well maintained quad, and crash helmet, we left his premesis opposite the Silva Beach Hotel, driving along a private track that avoided the main road traffic. Several small villages later we stopped to check everyone was together and comfortable ( we did this at regular intervals) before climbing into the hills on small tracks, sometimes stoney, sometimes surfaced but with no other traffic. We were taken through villages occasionally so narrow the quads just fitted between the walls, to have a coffee stop where birds nested inside the cafe and the total village population was 9. We continued with majestic views over the hills and valleys to have lunch at a family owned restaurant in another small village - by now I had no idea how far we had travelled or where we were but the atmosphere, the views and the food were great. The whole experience must have lasted five hours or more through terrain that was mostly easy, ocassionally challenging, and very rewarding. Would I do it again? - In a heartbeat! Brilliant. Visit and book online https://goxploretours.com

Required supplies

Should take: Driving license, sunglasses, sun protection, a small bottle of water and you can buy the GoXplore bandana for the dusty moments.

Quad choices: 300-450cc – 2 persons (driver and passenger can switch during the tour)

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