Responsible Hosting

We encourage Guru to think carefully about their responsibilities. Hosting offers rich experiences, but it comes with a certain level of commitment. In addition to the Hosting Standards, here are some ways you can be a responsible *host.


Emergency Procedures

Contact Info

Be sure to know and have saved the contact info for local emergency services and first responders.


First Aid kit

Minimize Hazards


Regulations of the area

Make sure to know the rules and regulations of the areas of which the Adventure will take place.


During preparation look up climate hazards or possible changes that could occur during the adventure.

Natural Disasters

Be aware of any possible natural causes that could disrupt the adventure and know how to adapt to such situations.


Guru can allow for pets to accompany an explorer if the environment permits. Also if an explorer has a service animal, discuss with the explorer how they can make any accommodations if possible. The explorer should inquire prior to booking concerning pets and service animals.

General Regulations

What local regulations apply to me?



Ensure you look up any local taxes or business license requirements that may apply. This may include things like sales, and other turnover taxes such as Value Added Tax (VAT) or Goods and Services Tax (GST), or income tax.

Permits or Registrations

Ensure you look up any permitting, zoning, safety, and health regulations that may apply. [ex. fishing licenses, Discovery passes, etc.]

For more information visit our FAQ and Support pages.

*Please note that Local Guru has no control over the conduct of Hosts and disclaims all liability. Failure of Hosts to satisfy their responsibilities may result in suspension of activity or removal from the Local Guru website.